The Rector`s Message
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      We’ve set forth with an attitude that we perceive our 2665 international students, who we’ve accepted as guests not foreigners coming from 56 different countries mainly from the Balkans, as our wealth and we have a blessed goal to increase the number of our international students by tens of thousands in 2023.

        Our university, which was established in 1982 in Edirne, which is the cradle of  history and civilization and was the capital of Ottoman Empire for many years, is one of the most influential educational institutions in our country. Equipped with a rich culture thanks to Selimiye Mosque, Complex of Sultan Bayezid II and The Uzunkopru Bridge ranked in Unesco World Heritage List and 657 years old Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling ranked in Unesco List of Non-Concrete Cultural Representations, Edirne is among one of the most peaceful and the safest cities in the Balkans with its social and cultural facilities.

       It is a long-established university that has become integrated with history and science and also carries scientific heritage inherited from The Ottoman Empire into the future. Medicine Faculty of the University is the continuation of   Dar-Al Shifa (hospital) of The Sultan Bayezid II, which was one of the world's leading medical centers and which began to get into the act in Edirne in 1488.

      With its quality of education in international standards and its extensive social facilities, Trakya University, which provides the opportunity of the ability to understand and analyze the World correctly for its pupils, is one of the most popular universities in the Balkans.

                                                                  Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu
                                                                 Rector of Trakya University

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