The Rector`s Message
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Resim Universities are basic foundations of our country. They undertake the role of being the mind of society. Based on universal measures, scientific production of the universities is reflected as thought, interpretation, solution, attitude and behaviour in the society. While the students in our university take professional education and gain expertise, they   also form their   personalities, observe and make comments on the developments in their environment, region and the world. Moreover, they increase their general knowledge by dealing with fine arts and literature; as a result of this, they gain aesthetic sensitivity. In order to achieve these objectives, our university has been   trying   to   provide all kinds of opportunities. In addition, it has been taking steps in the direction of building a base to be able to have a healthy life-style. Our scholars will be the best role models in this process.

   The number of activities that are devoted to improve the general knowledge of our students will be increased and all types of cultural or artistic work created by students will be supported. As the director of the university, I believe that one of my main responsibilities is to create the atmosphere of peace and freedom in the university. Free thinking is essential to maintain the academic life. All kinds of thoughts should be produced and expressed in the university. However, these thoughts must not consist of aggressive expressions and it must not cause unkind and destructive consequences.

   Our university in the city of border, Edirne, with its thirteen campuses; seven in the centre, two in Keþan, two in Uzunköprü, one in Havsa and Ýpsala overlooks to the Balkans by one side and to Anatolia by the other side. Every subject that is associated with the Balkans is the main affair and mission of our university. As in many fields, the history, sociology, art, culture, economy and the architecture of the Balkans are the most beautiful and honourable parts of our civilization. To do devoted scientific studies is one of the main responsibilities that the history assigned us.

   Hello to the future with the contributions of my dear students who will acquire knowledge and culture, gain expertise in their own fields, and who are indulgent, respectful to the society, who have a sense of history and who aim the solution not the problem!

                                                                                              Prof. Dr. Yener YÖRÜK RECTOR


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