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    Trakya University was established in July 20, 1982. There were three institutes (Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences), four faculties (Faculty of Medicine, Engineering-Architecture, Science and Letters, Tekirdağ Agriculture), two colleges (Edirne Education, Çanakkale Education), four vocational high schools (Edirne, Çanakkale, Kırklareli, Tekirdağ).

    Between the years of 1982-2004, four faculties (Faculties of Engineering, Çorlu; Economics and Administrative Sciences; Education, Edirne; Technical Education, Kırklareli;); two colleges (State
Conservatory, Kırkpınar Physical Education and Sports College); sixteen vocational colleges (Edirne, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ Vocational Colleges of Health Services; Vocational Colleges of Hayrabolu, Keşan,
İpsala, Malkara, Lüleburgaz, Şarköy, Uzunköprü, Babaeski, Çerkezköy, Marmara Ereğlisi, Havsa, Muratlı, Saray) were established.

    In the period of 2004-2009, one institute (Balkan Research), four faculties (Faculties of Fine Arts, Health Sciences, Science, Letters), three colleges (Foreign Languages, Edirne and Keşan Applied Sciences Colleges), six vocational schools (Edirne Social Sciences, Edirne, Technical Sciences, Kırklareli Social Sciences, Kırklareli Technical Sciences, Arda, Tunca), four Research and Application Centers (Thrace region livestock, women's issues, Trakya University Turkish and Foreign Language) were founded.

    From the academic units of Trakya University, the ones which were in Çanakkale were transferred to Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University in 1992, the ones which were in Tekirdağ were transferred to Namık Kemal University and the ones which were in Kırklareli were transferred to Kırklareli University in 2006.

    After the separation of these universities, Trakya University has been serving with its 11 faculties (Medicine, Engineering and Architecture, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Education, Fine Arts, Health Sciences, Science, Letters, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Divinity); 4 institutes (Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Balkan Research), 5 colleges (Kırkpınar Physical Education and Sports, Foreign Languages, Edirne Applied Sciences, Keþan Yusuf Çapraz Applied Sciences, Uzunköprü Applied
Sciences);1 State Conservatory; 9 Vocational Colleges ( Edirne Social Sciences, Edirne Technical Sciences, Edirne Health Services, Keşan, Uzunköprü, İpsala, Havsa, Arda, Tunca Vocational Collages); and two kindergartens.
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