Balkan Congress Venue
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Universities have some leading duties as well as some basic duties. Trakya University celebrates quarter century in the education life. Apart from the mission of education, Trakya University has a mission which is among the missions given to the city and the region; that is turning Edirne into a culture and tourism city. Trakya University which protects the values of cultural heritage and environment of the city and the location aims to carry the borders of the city and the region over the international dimensions with the project of Balkan Congress Venue. The Congress venue's construction was completed in December 2008 and started to be used in June, 2009. With conference saloons; one with 800 seats, one with 200 seats, two with 75 seats, four with 50 seats; rectorate building and the hotel; this
building constitutes Balkan Congress Venue. With Balkan Congress spreading on 8000 square meter closed, it is aimed to actualize not merely an ordinary concrete jungle but a place that has aliveness and that brings new life to the city. It is highly suitable for holding international congresses. This project is not only a project of Trakya University but also a project of Thrace and a project that Turkey is in need of. This project is Thrace region's project and has taken the leading duty on itself.

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