Large-scale Projects
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Distance Education Center

The center began to offer service on 23th of March, 2008. We aim to transmit high knowledge and experience of the lecturers of Trakya University via Distance Education

Center which supports life-long learning to everyone who wish and to all Balkans. Some of basic aims are providing education electronically from Italy to Japan and spreading education to broader fields with Distance Education Center in which
Balkan languages are taught and whose staff studies for master and doctorate degrees.

Resim Resim

Balkan Languages Department

In the scope of Balkan Languages Department, The Departments of Albanian Language and Literature, Bosnian Language and Literature, Modern Greek Language and Literature and Croatian Language and Literature have started to provide educational service. However, The Departments of Bulgarian Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature and Romanian Language and Literature do not provide educational service yet. It is connected to Faculty of Letters in 2007 as a department.

Because of its geographical location, our University is both a border university and also the only region university in the Balkans and it bases its international relations on this ground. Our faces are turned to the Balkans. As a university, we aim to train certificated linguists who are capable of speaking and writing in Balkan languages as a native. Today many institutions have been suffering from finding linguists who have the command of Balkan languages. While our country hasn't developed a stable policy of Balkans and hasn't been able to provide employment Trakya University has pioneered in this field.

In addition, in the scope of the Faculty of Letters in our university, the departments of Armenian Language and Literature, German Translation and Interpretation, English Translation and Interpretation and Bulgarian Translation and Interpretation have provided training for the students.


The goal for establishing Technopark project is to restructure regional and local economy
through research and development based activities, to diversify the economic activities of the location and encourage the modernization of the local industry, to enables the change of university-industry relations into concrete cooperation, to turn academic knowledge into technological products and create a backdrop to commercialization and technological transfer of them and to which create employment and consultancy opportunities for the staff and the students. This Project was assessed by Evalution Committee and has been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Trakya Technopark is an
important project developed for the Thrace Region. In this way our external dependence will decrease and brain drain will be highly prevented. As an entrepreneur and modern university, Trakya University's Technopark project will add a new dimension to the entrepreneurship and innovative attempts in the region.

Resim Resim


Balkan Research Institute

Trakya University Balkan Research Institute was founded on 1 February 2012. It is the first and unique Balkan Research Institute in Turkey.

The mission of the institute is to identify the history, language, culture, art, literature and folklore of Balkan societies in order to develop the relationship among Balkan countries.

Since its foundation, it has organized 8 national and international events (symposium, panel, conference etc.) and 2 culture tours. These events are;

1. “Modern Turkish Language and Culture” – Workshop with Prsitina-Tetova University
2. “Modern Turkish Language and Culture” – Workshop with Tselya University.
3. “Modern Turkish Language and Culture” – Workshop with Novipazar University
4. “Recently Discovered Turkish Tablets in Mongolia” – Conference
th 5. “4 International Turkish Accent Studies in Turkey” – Conference
6. “Ottoman Dominance in the Balkans and Edirne” – Panel
7. “To Flatter in the Light of Literature: The Theme of Peace and Friendship in Modern Balkan Literature” – Symposium
8. “The Balkans in Global Policy: From Negative Peace to the Positive” – Panel
In addition, in Balkan Research Institute, the Turkish Proficiency Test was conducted for the foreign students who entitled to study in a specific academic unit in 2011-12 and
2012-13 academic years.

Resim Resim
Resim Resim
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